Looking out my window…  a warm, sunny day; if a bit windy.  Hopefully a lot of the mud gets dried up today.

A great day to take Thomas on a walk to see the chickens; a long way for those little legs!

I am thinking… it’s only a little over a month before we begin the journey north (with a few stops along the way to visit family and friends). Praying for God’s provision in the support we need.

I am thankful… that Thomas’ frenectomy (tongue-tie revision) went well.  The last few days have not been fun trying to get him to open his mouth enough for me to do the stretching/massaging that needs to be done to avoid reattachment.  But the mouth rest/bite guard I ordered came today which is making it much easier.

One of my favorite things… baby smiles. Seriously, who can resist.

I am creating… quilt pattern possibilities for when we get up to Alaska.  The quilt that has been on Scott’s and my bed has gotten quite worn and needs replacing.

I am wearing… jeans and a turquoise/grey sweatshirt that I found at the church clothing exchange last Saturday.

I am hoping… that our passport applications are processed quickly and with no complications.  Thankful that all the paperwork could be filled out ahead of time online and that God sent along an off duty employee who was willing to help (two of the regular employees had called in sick that day).

I am learning… to trust God to provide.  It’s a daily struggle despite the many instances He’s given me to look back on.

In the kitchen… tried making Cactus Bread tonight (desert pizza).  Not bad, but needs a few adjustments.

In the school room… we had fun taking a day off from visiting on our trip last month to go see Mt. Rushmore.  The kids all had fun completing the Jr. Ranger program and learned a lot.

I am hearing… 12:20pm – kids getting their lunches, Scott playing with Elaina, Grandpa watching basketball; 9:30pm – girls watching Daddy play Terraria, Matthew taking a shower, Mom & Dad talking in the kitchen.

Moments from the last month…



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Ben’s Birthday

7 years old already! Ben wanted a red velvet cake.

All the traveling means we’re trying to keep from collecting too many ‘things’ so his birthday present was an evening at Chuck E Cheese enjoyed by all.

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Looking out my window…  nearly all our Christmas snow is gone and the kids were out playing with just jackets this evening.  They say we’ve got more snow and cold coming though. Hopefully it won’t cause trouble with our travel plans (we leave here on Monday).

I am thinking… about how best to ‘do school’ as we travel and how to pack the kids’ clothes. I think it would be beneficial to have another small suitcase.

I am thankful… for a truly wonderful husband who has been doing an amazing job as ‘Mr. Mom’ and substitute teacher these last two months allowing me to focus on resting and taking care of Elaina.

One of my favorite things… is playing computer games with my family.

I am creating… a dress for Lydia by making and attaching a skirt to a shirt we found.

I am wearing… jeans! It feels good to be wearing something other than the thin stretchy maternity pants.

I am reading… through several free ebooks that I had apparently downloaded to my phone last summer.

I am hoping… that our trip to Colorado/Wyoming will be a good time of visiting with friends and churches (it’s always such an encouragement to visit those who have been praying for us) and be beneficial in generating new support for our ministry so we can meet our support goals before returning to Alaska.

I am learning… to count it all joy which is a real struggle in my current state of exhaustion.

In the kitchen… dough for Cottage Cheese rolls is chilling in the fridge.

In the school room… it’s neat to see how God works things out.  We ended the last school year by studying caves in science and then last summer God provided us with the opportunity to visit Carlsbad Caverns.  Now we are studying the atmosphere.  The project for the current lesson was supposed to be making and observing a barometer; something we tried a couple years ago without success.  Well, being here at the farm means the kids can instead observe and record info from my Grandpa’s real barometer.

I am hearing… Elaina hiccupping (thankfully not crying at the moment; she’s been extra fussy today), Dad typing, water dripping (Grandpa must have not turned the faucet off all the way again)

Prayer Requests:

  • We’ve got some residual coughs from this latest round of colds.  It would be nice to have them gone before we start this trip.
  • That Elaina would be a good traveler.


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Matthew’s 15th Birthday!


He chose a red velvet cheesecake from Sam’s Club. Delicous! (and I didn’t have to make it)


Caleb made him a duct tape ship for his Enterprise collection.


Wood chisels for his budding interest in woodworking.

matt2 matt3

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Gabe’s 4th Birthday

gabe1 gabe2 gabe3 gabe4

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Looking out my window…  our mornings are starting out below freezing these days, but the sunshine today is warming things up nicely.

I am thinking… great-grandpa must have been needing some snuggles today.  He actually came out and got Thomas so they could watch football together.  Dad saw him showing Thomas how to conduct music to the beat of the music on the commercials.

I am Elaina is wearing… size 1 diapers.  She’s outgrown the newborn things. I need to remember to weigh her one of these days and see how much she’s grown.

I am hoping… I don’t get this cold and that Thomas and Elaina get over it quickly.  Thankfully it isn’t interfering with nursing too much.

I am hearing… 12:30pm – microwave warming up the green beans for lunch, football game on the TV in the East Room, Dad coughing (he’s got the cold too), kids coming in the back door as they arrive home from church;  7:45pm – kids doing more talking than cleaning up from dinner.

A peek into our week: Having fun at the Nebraska Farm Show

farm-show1 farm-show2 farm-show3 farm-show4 farm-show5


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Looking out my window…  a very grey, blustery day as winter blows in.  We’ve been enjoying a warm fall with highs in the 60s, but after this the forecast is for highs in the 30s and 40s.  No snow in the forecast, but one can always hope.

I am thinking… no more chocolate for me for a few months since it upset Elaina’s tummy (not as bad as the cabbage did though).  Hoping it doesn’t upset my tummy when I can eat it again like it did after avoiding it when nursing Caleb.

I am thankful… for an amazing church family here in Nebraska.  We have been overwhelmed by their generosity.

One of my favorite things… rubbing my cheek on soft baby hair.

I am wearing… still wearing my maternity pants and hoping to go jeans shopping soon.  Also, a new nursing top I got for my birthday.  Not crazy about how it looks on me, but it’s comfortable and easy to nurse in.

I am creating… almost done with the birth announcement cross-stitch for Thomas.  LOL, was hoping to have it done before Elaina was born.  I have one picked out to do for Elaina.

I am hoping… we can figure out the next step in this home service/support discovery journey.  It can be difficult to know how to go about the whole thing.

Around the house… Mom and the kids have the tree up and most of the Christmas decorations out.  Pretty!

I am hearing… 3pm – Dad rummaging in the kitchen for a late lunch, Kara rustling papers while working on school work, TV playing in the East Room, the wind blowing outside.


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Elaina Rose Hill

November 10, 2017

elaina1 elaina2 elaina-n-scott

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Looking out my window…  we’ve had a lot of cloudy, cool days with light wind.


I am thinking… about what else I need to do/get before Elaina arrives and of course wondering when exactly she will come.  Her due date is the 22nd; my mom is praying for the 15th before she leaves to be with my sister who is also having a baby. My final appointment is on the 20th at which time we will schedule the induction.

I am thankful… for the opportunity to watch my kids learn.

One of my favorite things… watching the seasons change.  I am especially enjoying watching the harvesting here this year.

I am wearing… my old maternity yoga pants that have holes and bleach stains. At this point in the pregnancy (38 weeks) I am down to two pairs of pants that I can wear comfortably.

I am creating… finished the new diaper bag last night.  Yeah! Nice to have that done and ready.  After four years the old one was wearing through in several spots besides being too small for carrying diapers for two.  The new one is slightly bigger and I lined each of the two main compartments with a different color to help tell at a glance where Elaina or Thomas’ diapers are.



I am hoping… that it will not disturb Thomas when I am up in the night nursing Elaina.  If it does we will have to find a way to squeeze his pack’n’play into the girls’ room.

Around the house… Dad is almost finished putting up the wall to divide the big basement room into two rooms to separate the boys and girls.  It will be nice when the girls can get dressed in their own room instead of taking up the bathroom in the mornings.

I am hearing… 9:30am – kids are listening to their history lesson, Scott talking to Gabe & Grandpa Copple in the kitchen.


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Lydia’s Birthday


13 years old!


Reading the cards her siblings made for her.


Red knit socks from Grandma and a charm bracelet from Mommy & Daddy.

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