FOR the week of August 15, 2016

Looking out my window…  it is dark now after a nice (except for the mosquitoes) sunny day.

I am thankful… to be able to come inside out of the bugs.

I am thinking… the public health clinic closed here in Gallup so now I have to find a new place to get my kids immunizations.  Think I have it figured out, but we’ll see.

From the kitchen… Back at the beginning of the year my KitchenAid stand mixer quit.  Now the motor on my hand mixer has burnt out (the kids used it for cookie dough).

I am wearing… jean capris and a light green shirt that is going in the rag bin after today.  For some reason my shirts have a habit of getting little holes poked in them on the lower right front and I have not been able to figure out where they come from. I also noticed several stains on this shirt today.

In the schoolroom… I have got to come up with a better way of organizing all the teacher’s manuals that I use each day.  They just end up in rotating piles next to my desk.

In the garden… the beans have started producing and we’ve enjoyed adding them to several meals so far.

I am hearing… 9pm – Caleb saying prayers with Daddy, my noisy computer, the A/C running.

Around the house… 2nd time in 6 months that all of the boys’ Sunday clothes have been ruined by a crayon in the dryer.  I’m all for having the kids do chores and learn housekeeping, but right now I’m VERY frustrated.  Last time we had replacements; this time we don’t.  Matthew says the inside of the dryer looks like birch bark.  Scott tried several things to clean the dryer, but it’s not coming off.  Thankfully that means it is also not coming off onto the next load of clothes.


4 months


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FOR the week of August 1, 2016

Looking out my window…  when I woke up this morning the skies were overcast, the ground was damp, and there were raindrops on my bedroom window.  Now most of the clouds are gone and the sun has dried things up again.  We’ve entered our rainy season and the forecast calls for rain off and on all the rest of the week.

I am thankful… soooo thankful to have Scott home again.  Enjoyed the smell of his soap and deodorant that lingered in the bathroom after his shower this morning.  Thankful though that he was able to have this time to do work that he really enjoys – radio engineering.

From the kitchen… Caleb is cleaning out under the sink for me today; a very icky job by the sound of it.  It is one of the jobs he can do to redeem toys or in this case his scissors that he left out (we were having trouble with Gabe getting a hold of scissors that had not been put away after being used).

In the schoolroom… just one week until we start our new school year.  Hoping I can have all my planning ducks in their rows and be ready.  I think I have most of it done, but there always seems to be more to do.  The kids are super excited as always to explore their new school books.

I am wearing… jean capris and my ‘new this baby’ green nursing shirt from Milk Nursingwear which I love not only for it’s easy nursing access but because it fits great and looks good.

In the garden… Thankful Matthew stepped up to do a man’s job while Scott was gone in protecting the garden from critters.  He got rid of 5 squirrels and a vole that had been chowing down on the lettuce, spinach, and peas.

I am hearing… noon – the little boys watching/helping Caleb clean under the sink, the girls playing in their room, thunder from the dark clouds over the hill, Thomas sucking on his thumb while in his swing; 9:30pm – Scott spending some time with Matthew playing StarTrek Online, the loud fan on my computer, and the A/C.

One of my favorite things… being able to eat fresh produce from the garden.  Tonight’s supper used summer squash and basil.

Around the house… still waiting on a couple of packages (school books) that had to be resent due to the issues we’ve been having with our mail delivery.  Hoping and praying that those issues have truly been resolved and there won’t be any more problems.

Plans for the week – get everything ready for school next week including lesson plans, meal plans, etc.

A few pics from July:

july1 july2 july3 july4

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FOR the week of July 11, 2016

Looking out my window…  clear, sunny skies with a light wind and lots of hummingbirds drinking from both the front and back feeders.

I am thankful… my kids had such a good week at camp.  This was Caleb’s first year and although he missed being able to hug Mommy, he had a great time and wished he could stay longer.  Lydia accomplished her goal of riding a horse by herself this year; a great boost to her self-confidence. And Kara made a new friend.

babr-lydia babr-kara babr-caleb

From the kitchen… Love the fresh produce sales at this time of year.  Pear pie yesterday, cauliflower soup (recipe courtesy of the Pioneer Woman) and peach cobbler today.  Yum!

In the schoolroom… just Matthew finishing up his writing and math this week and then we’re done until next year which I am planning for the beginning of August.  Starting to order curriculum and thanking God for companies that offer missionary discounts.


The kids enjoyed the music camp put on by one of our summer missions groups.

In the garden… The squash plants are starting to produce.  Lord willing, no critters will be nibbling on them.  (So far this year we’ve caught 5 squirrels and a vole.)  Also, the yearly battle against the potato beetles has begun.

I am hearing… 8:45pm – music (Owl City) playing, the A/C rattling the windows, girls saying goodnight to me, dishes being washed, the dishwasher running, and Scott putting the little ones to bed.

Around the house… got the top of our dresser cleaned off.  Doesn’t happened often enough, always feels a little odd to be able to actually see the top of the dresser.

Plans for the week – Kara turns 10! Our third child to hit double digits.  Where has the time gone?

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My Boys

I just came across this series of pictures apparently taken by one of the girls and couldn’t help but laugh. The two boys in front posing and hamming it up for the camera while the two in back never loose their focus on the electronic game being played. LOL!







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FOR the week of June 13, 2016

Looking out my window…  a HOT, sunny day.  Welcome to summer! At 10 this morning it was already 89 degrees.  The forecast called for triple digits today and upper 90s the rest of the week. I took this pic at 4pm and half an hour later the kids said it was reading 108 degrees. The record high for today was only 94 with the average being 82.


I am thankful… for 16 years of marriage to a really awesome guy! It hasn’t all been easy, but it’s been good.  And full; full of laughter, tears, travel, changes, and of course kids.

I am thinking… shoe sizes are really mixed up.  The size numbers progress seamlessly from kid sizes to adult sizes.  So why is a girls’ size 6 the same as an adult size 8?

From the kitchen… as a stay at home mom I have a love/hate relationship with crockpots.  Yes, they take some of the pressure off in getting supper on, but I have to smell it cooking all day which makes me feel snacky.  Also, I’m excited about the great deal Safeway had on meat yesterday – chuck steaks were buy 1 get 3 free!

In the schoolroom… starting to make decisions about next year’s curriculum.  I’m looking at making a few changes this year.  While good, some of the curriculum I’ve been using is a bit too teacher intensive for our family size.  Plus, some things I’m realizing are just busy work and there are other things more important.

In the garden… this last week I used the first lettuce from this year’s garden to make one of our favorite meals – chef salad and found the first squash blossom.

I am hearing… 11am – Ben and Gabe ‘playing’ checkers while Thomas ‘talks’ and gives me his first real smiles; 6pm – butter sizzling in the skillets in preparation for making scrambled egg sandwiches for supper and the baby swing rocking (Thomas has discovered the mobile hanging over the swing).

Around the house… we need a new roof.  Every time the swamp cooler has an issue we end up with water dripping through the dining room ceiling.

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FOR the week of June 13, 2016

Looking out my window…  the sun keeps peeking in and out of the clouds while the wind does it’s best to blow things around.

I am thankful… for the longer stretches Thomas is doing at night.  My body is thinking it likes this sleep stuff and wants more while at the same time thinking it’s getting enough sleep at night to make getting a nap difficult.

I am thinking… I wish I’d had the presence of mind to get a picture of Matthew grilling the kabobs yesterday.  I’m not sure how Scott feels about sharing ‘his’ grill but Matthew is loving being trusted with this grown-up chore.

From the kitchen… supper tonight: pork chops with mushroom gravy over rice with green beans.

In the schoolroom… the introduction of new math concepts means long, mentally exhausting days for me (and the kids learning them) as I deal with high emotions and trying to figure out how to word my helping just right to get the concept across without giving them the answers.

In the garden… peas, beans, and spinach are sprouting. I love seeing the garden come to life.

I am hearing… 10am – Kara and Caleb teaching Ben how to really play Go Fish; 11:15 – Lydia, Kara, and Caleb working on math while Ben & Gabe play with playdoh and Thomas makes little noises while wiggling on my lap; 12pm – the DVD menu for What’s In the Bible? #3 (love these shows) while the kids get their lunches to eat while watching; 6:30 – Ben and Caleb playing instead of putting away their clean clothes, Lydia fussing about a dead bug while picking up toys, and Matthew trying to tell them all what to do while we wait for Scott to get back (why do people always call needing his help right as we’re ready to eat dinner?).



Around the house… trying to find space for some new bookshelves so we can finish unpacking/going through boxes from when we moved here 5 ½ years ago.

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FOR the week of June 6, 2016

Looking out my window…  a hot, sunny day. The temps have been up into the 90s the last few days; warm enough to get out the wading pool for the kids to have some fun.


I am thankful… for Scott’s hard work getting the air conditioners working.

From the kitchen… the smell of chicken and dumplings simmering on the stove. On Saturday we made pizza for supper (used some of the tomato sauce my mom canned when she was here) and I tried my hand at making extra to put in the freezer (unbaked) for a quick meal later.

In the schoolroom… thanks to a JM Cremp’s post on Facebook Matthew is enjoying learning about D-day by watching video clips on

I am wearing… continuing to have fun seeing Thomas in all the cute new outfits we got at the baby shower.


In the garden… most of the potatoes and the summer squash have sprouted. Thankful for hard working kids who are helping me keep the weeds at bay.


I am hearing… 6:15pm – Gabe playing with his cars, Lydia playing with Legos, Thomas fussing in the baby swing (it’s almost time to feed him again), and Caleb telling me what he’s learned watching movies about D-day with Matthew.

Around the house… I got the kids registered for camp today; 4 of them going this year and 1 to teen camp!

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FOR the week of MAY 30, 2016

Looking out my window…  the sun is setting on a beautiful, warm day.

I am thankful… for those who died in service to our country, for having Scott home most of the day, and for the great baby shower put on for us by the ladies in our church yesterday.

From the kitchen… we enjoyed a good Memorial Day cookout topped off with homemade ice cream.

memorial-day1 memorial-day2

In the schoolroom… this will be our last regular week of history for the year.  It’s always nice when we start finishing subjects.

I am wearing… I’m finally able to fit into my regular pant size which meant I could wear my capris today.

In the garden… Squirrel trouble again.  I’ve been watching it chow down on my compost pile, but it took having it enjoy our lettuce to get the guys to finish the fencing and get set out the squirrel trap.  Wonder how many we’ll catch this year.

I am hearing… 8pm – Gabe fussing while being cleaned up from eating ice cream, the dishwasher running and Matthew washing dishes, Ben chattering at Daddy, and Kara’s shower running.

Around the house… I got all the shoes and outgrown clothes at the end of our bed organized and put away today.  Now Scott won’t have to trip over a broken box of overflowing shoes at night.  It’s a lot of work keeping up with the organization of clothes for growing kids.

Prayer request… Scott is doing the morning radio shift this week (up at 5am) and is also handling the radio and bookstore solo while fellow missionaries are on homeservice on top of the usual business management, etc. which means 12 hour days for him this week.  And his left eyelid has mysteriously swelled up and he’s pulled a muscle in his shoulder.

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FOR the week of MAY 16, 2016

Looking out my window…  a windy, overcast day that has decided to spit at us a little.

I am thankful… for a great church/church family.

I am thinking… I love watching the many expressions that cross a baby’s face.

From the kitchen… the smell of pot roast cooking in the crockpot for supper.

I am creating… I started working on the cross stitch birth announcement for Thomas.  Maybe someday I’ll actually have all these hung on a wall next to pictures of the kids.

In the schoolroom… back to work after mostly taking last week off while Grandma was here.

I am wearing… or should I say ‘Thomas is wearing.’ When I put the newborn sized onesie on him this morning it almost didn’t fit over his head and it’s a little snug around his middle.  Hard to believe he is one month old today.


In the garden… Scott picked up some garden soil and a new hand spade for me after dropping Mom off at the airport.  So, my goal this week will be to get the majority of the planting done.

I am hearing… 5:15 – Thomas fussing, Gabe talking to himself, kids playing with Legos; 7:15 – Matthew and Caleb talking instead of doing KP while Kara and Gabe finish dinner.


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FOR the week of May 9, 2016

Outside my window…  right now it is a warm, sunny day with a slight breeze.  The forecast calls for it to get windy later on though.

I am thankful… so, so thankful for my mom being here to help out.


From the kitchen… my plan for while my mom was here was to have her help me restock the freezer with chopped, cooked chicken which helps make meal prep easier.  Well, God had a different plan and last week He provided us with a LOT of free, fresh produce – tomatoes, summer squash, and peppers.  So we’ve been busy canning (diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, and spaghetti sauce) and freezing.   This would not have happened if my mom wasn’t here.


Just some of the free produce we were given.


In the garden… Hurray! Mom got the garden expanded for me and I was able to get the winter squash transplanted out yesterday. I was going to plant potatoes, but the last of the hand spades disappeared last week.  The kids keep borrowing and loosing them.

Around the house… I could sing for joy!  After two years we finally have a working bathtub in the kids’ bathroom again.  It still needs trim around the outside, but it’s usable and they no longer have to use our master bathroom shower.  We also got the hummingbird feeders put up and are enjoying watching our little visitors.


I am hearing… 10:30 – the pressure regulator on the canner rocking, cars going by on the highway (it’s already warm enough to have the front door open, Lydia playing on the porch with Gabe; 6:30 – microwave cooking some squash for dinner while the boys chatter about minecraft back in the office.



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