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Kitchen Skills

As the kids get older I have begun introducing kitchen skills as part of our informal schooling.  For the most part, I feel comfortable in the kitchen and I want my kids to feel that way too.  However, I’m not always sure what I should expect them to be able to do at their respective … Continue reading »

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Welcome Gabriel Nicholas Hill!

Born December 18, 2013  at 7:07 pm 7lb 4 oz       20.5 inches

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Happy 5th Birthday Caleb!

Birthday celebrations always start early here with licking out the bowl after Mommy makes the cake. Ben of course had to lick off the beater. The kids all really liked this cake.  Betcha can’t guess what the theme was!   The best part of any birthday party is the presents!     Ben of course … Continue reading »

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First Snowfall

We received our first snow of the year during the night.  It looked so pretty shining in the dark when I got up at 5:30 to restart the pellet stove.  I knew the kids would want their snow gear first thing this morning.  Sure enough, as soon as that first cry of snow went up … Continue reading »

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Our Students


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This Too Shall Pass

When it comes to parenting I am often telling myself ‘this too shall pass’; and while I know this to be true, those more difficult or time consuming phases of child-rearing can seem very long, especially since they usually have no scheduled ending.  Having more than one child experiencing a difficult phase at the same … Continue reading »

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I Think He’s A Boy

It’s amazing how early the differences between boys and girls become obvious.  The Little Guy is only 13 months and already he has developed a strong interest in ‘vrooming’ cars (or anything resembling a car) around the house.  The girls never developed such interests.  (Of course neither did Buddy, but that’s because for him everything … Continue reading »

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One Year Old

The Little Guy turned 1 year old last month.  It doesn’t seem like enough time has passed for that.  He isn’t walking yet, but I doubt it will be much longer before he does.  They say that a boy is ‘a noise with dirt on it, well I think Buddy is the noise part and … Continue reading »

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