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Five for Friday

Posted by on December 7, 2012

The first three are from my attempts to get this written last week.

  1. Buddy voluntarily got an early start on his school work today.  This combined with a shorter than normal history review meant a short school day today; everyone was done before lunch.  I love it when we can get done quickly and start the weekend early.
  2. Thanks to a generous donor, after a year of not being able to go in reverse, we finally got our transmission fixed!  It is sooo nice to not have to always look for pull-through parking spots or consider if there is enough of a slope for us to roll backwards.
  3. Dh had another long day working on the Tuba City transmitter yesterday.  It sounds like they might have finally found the problem though.  We’ll see.  Praying they get this issue resolved soon.  Trying to work on something 3 hours away is tough.
  4. Super thankful for a husband with an engineering mind who now knows far more about the inner workings of my sewing machine than he ever wanted to.  After replacing the motor, A LOT of oiling (yes, I had been doing this, but apparently the one drop of oil in the bobbin case area as prescribed in the manual is NOT enough to properly maintain it), and some googling to find out how to adjust the timing my machine is now working well again. J
  5. Dh took the older two on a train ride to ABQ when he went to pick up the car from the mechanic.  They had a lot of fun and would like us to do a family train trip. 

One Response to Five for Friday

  1. JoAnn

    Sounds like a great week. Glad the car and sewing machine are running smoothly again. What a sweet picture. We’ve never taken a train ride, but it’s something we’ve thought of doing before for a vacation. Maybe some day. 🙂

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