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Five for Friday

Posted by on January 4, 2013
  1. Matthew had a great time making and frosting his own cake for his birthday yesterday.  I’m glad he wanted to do it himself since I was not really feeling up to it with this cold.matt-bday
  2. I’m feeling very reluctant to take the Christmas tree down this year.  Not sure why.  It sure is a pretty tree and it’s hardly dropping any needles yet.
  3. It’s been consistently getting below 0 at night lately.  Mild weather compared to what we were used to in Alaska, but since the housing here is not built to handle the colder weather it takes a lot of fuel to keep things warm and there’s been several instances on campus of frozen water pipes.
  4. It’s my turn for the cold that’s been going around.  Sigh.  It hasn’t overwhelmed me yet, but sure does contribute to the ‘I don’t feel like doing anything’.
  5. Found a really great thin pizza crust recipe at  I’ve used it twice so far and everyone loves it.  It’s so quick and easy too; especially when using my new food processor to mix it up.

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