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Picnic Table

Posted by on February 23, 2014


Some days I seriously wonder whether other people have been taught to think ethically or logically.  Today we had someone show up ready to haul off our picnic table.  We share a yard with the empty house next door and they apparently thought that anything in and around that house is fair game.  Never mind this is mission property and therefore anything here not belonging to an individual would then belong to the mission.  Thankfully before loading it up they decided to ask if it was ours.  Hmmm, it’s in our yard and we use it; of course it’s ours! (Technically it’s the missions)  I seriously think that if we hadn’t been home that they would have just gone ahead and taken it since they already had their pick-up backed up to it.  I won’t get into the fact that this means they drove through our driveway and across our yard.  The scary thing is this wouldn’t be the first large item to go missing from the yard.  There used to be a rusty old antique pick-up cab that the kids played in, but when we got back from our trip last fall it was gone.  The really scary thing is that these people are driving on and off the mission without anyone questioning their presence.  What else might they decide to help themselves to?



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