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Kitchen Skills

Posted by on March 6, 2014


As the kids get older I have begun introducing kitchen skills as part of our informal schooling.  For the most part, I feel comfortable in the kitchen and I want my kids to feel that way too.  However, I’m not always sure what I should expect them to be able to do at their respective ages.  So, a few years ago I purchased the first two books in The Quiet Arts Series – Lessons in Responsibility to use as a guide in knowing what skills to introduce when.   As a result, Matthew has become fairly good at helping in the kitchen and can even make dinner by himself with only a little input from me.  (I just have to remember it takes him A LOT longer than it would me.)  The girls are also starting to learn and I am enjoying having the extra hands to help.


At first he was a little frustrated because it didn’t spread as easily as butter.

These pictures are of Caleb making his own nutella and jelly sandwich for the first time.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of his face when I asked him if he wanted to do it himself.  His eyes were so wide and I could just see the thought going through his mind, “You mean this is something I can do?!”  He enjoys helping in the kitchen and loves being able to fix his favorite lunch all by himself now.  I should have taken a picture of him eating it.  He had a big grin and said it tasted very good.


One Response to Kitchen Skills

  1. phyllis jost

    It is amazing what little kids will do when given the message they can and are expected to do something.
    I grew up in Amish country and by the time the kids could walk independently they had a job of some sort. It also reminds me of a story of my grandsons: they had just been adopted and were 3 and 4 when we visited them. it was chicken harvesting day and their job was to pick up the heads and put them in a container. Their other job was to carry the full cooler up to the house where their 12 yyo sister would cut them up and process them for freezing. She also fix dinner for the 8 of us. If doing it less than perfect won’t result in death or disfigurement let them try. I noticed the Nutella, yum, one of my favorite foods. I have a jar but don’t dare open it yet!!

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