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Happy New Year!

Posted by on January 1, 2015

After staying up to ring in the New Year I was hoping to sleep in at least a little bit, instead I was woken up at 5:15 this morning by a beeping. It took my sleep confused brain several minutes to figure out what it was and then several more to find my glasses which were knocked off the nightstand in the confusion. It’s quite the adventure trying to find your glasses in the dark with only a flashlight when you can’t see very well without them. LOL! Anyway, the baby monitor had lost signal due to the electricity being out. Of course our first thought was heat since both the pellet stove and the heaters use electricity. Usually when the pellet stove isn’t working right I turn on the oven, but it uses an electric igniter so that wasn’t an option this time. So we turned on the stove top burners instead and thankfully the little propane heater in the office still worked after over a year of not being turned on. It actually kept the house warmer than normal; makes me wish propane weren’t so expensive.  We tried to go back to sleep, but even if the 1 & 3 year olds understood the whole sleeping in concept, it still wouldn’t have lasted long because as soon as everyone else around here woke up they immediately started texting Scott about the power being out and asking when it would be back on.  (I hate to break it to you folks, but as amazing as my husband is he’s not omniscient.  LOL! )  We ended up with 7 hours without power.  The funny thing is as much as I appreciate having the power back on a part of me wishes it could have stayed off longer.  I wouldn’t have to fight the computer/Wii battle with the kids and they might learn to appreciate life’s conveniences more.  Then again I really don’t want to go longer than I have to without my washing machine or oven.  Here’s hoping that was this year’s ‘glitch’ and we’re good to go now. (Not good odds for that I know, but hey, one can hope.) Still it ended up being a good day overall. Scott had to spend a couple hours getting the radio back on the air, but we got the Christmas decorations put away, the kids played outside in the new snow, and I got a lot done on my cross-stitch.

Some pics from the end of 2014 –


Ben helping Daddy light the Christ candle for Advent


Having fun with our new fort building stuff


A sled ride with Grandpa Hill


Matthew’s sugar cookie periodic table of elements


Thanks Grandpa Eaton for the rubber band guns!


Love the faces in this picture! My favorite part of this gift – since setting up the trampoline on Christmas I haven’t had to fuss at anyone for jumping on the couch.


Game night using our new card holders.

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