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Posted by on August 15, 2016


FOR the week of August 15, 2016

Looking out my window…  it is dark now after a nice (except for the mosquitoes) sunny day.

I am thankful… to be able to come inside out of the bugs.

I am thinking… the public health clinic closed here in Gallup so now I have to find a new place to get my kids immunizations.  Think I have it figured out, but we’ll see.

From the kitchen… Back at the beginning of the year my KitchenAid stand mixer quit.  Now the motor on my hand mixer has burnt out (the kids used it for cookie dough).

I am wearing… jean capris and a light green shirt that is going in the rag bin after today.  For some reason my shirts have a habit of getting little holes poked in them on the lower right front and I have not been able to figure out where they come from. I also noticed several stains on this shirt today.

In the schoolroom… I have got to come up with a better way of organizing all the teacher’s manuals that I use each day.  They just end up in rotating piles next to my desk.

In the garden… the beans have started producing and we’ve enjoyed adding them to several meals so far.

I am hearing… 9pm – Caleb saying prayers with Daddy, my noisy computer, the A/C running.

Around the house… 2nd time in 6 months that all of the boys’ Sunday clothes have been ruined by a crayon in the dryer.  I’m all for having the kids do chores and learn housekeeping, but right now I’m VERY frustrated.  Last time we had replacements; this time we don’t.  Matthew says the inside of the dryer looks like birch bark.  Scott tried several things to clean the dryer, but it’s not coming off.  Thankfully that means it is also not coming off onto the next load of clothes.


4 months


2 Responses to Daybook

  1. Deborah C Capecci

    Oh I’m so sorry about the crayon! I ruined a load of Steve’s work pants with an inky pen… still hasn’t come off the inside of the dryer!! Big Hug, sounds like you need it today.


  2. Mom

    My goodness, he looks like Matthew. They need a t-shirt that says I did the laundry and missed a crayon. Glad your beans are producing. I need to go pick ours.

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