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Posted by on August 29, 2016


FOR the week of August 27, 2016

Looking out my window…  fluffy white clouds floating in a bright blue sky.  The temps have been getting cool enough at night to make me want to turn on the heaters in the morning, but our days are still nice and warm.

I am thankful… HURRAY!  Thanks to the generosity of my parents and siblings we have enough dressers/drawers for all the kids.  While Scott was in Albuquerque this last week for a business meeting he was able to find a couple of 5-drawer dressers on sale for the amount we had to spend.  The boys are enjoying having enough room for their clothes (10 drawers instead of 3).  Matthew and Caleb each get 3 drawers while Ben and Gabe each get two drawers.


new-dressers4 new-dressers3


new-dressers6 new-dressers5

Having room for Gabe’s clothes in the boys’ room meant we were finally able to get out the toddler bed and move him out of the girls’ room.  He is quite excited to have his new big boy bed and have his clothes in drawers where he can reach them.


The part I’m really excited about is being able to move the old dresser to the girls’ room and once again use it for a changing table (it’s just the right size).  Yeah! For a place to put Thomas’ clothes and being able to have the card table once again available for use other than as a changing table/dresser.  And of course the crib is now available for Thomas when he outgrows the bassinet.





Playing in the old boxes for Gabe’s clothes:


I am thinking… despite the inauspicious start a couple weeks ago with the laundry fiasco, it actually turned out to be a fairly productive week.  I made bread, canned pinto beans, organized and inventoried the freezer, froze green beans from the garden, patched jeans, switched out Thomas’ clothes for a bigger size, and got most of the books needing repairs fixed.  Seems only fitting then that I would struggle with getting anything other than the basics done this last week.  It all evens out in the end.

From the kitchen… peaches were on sale and I think I finally have my peach cobbler recipe tweaked right.  Yum!

I am creating… piles of usable jean fabric scraps.  In other words, I am going through the two overflowing boxes of old jeans and cutting them up.  It started with me cutting off the back pockets to make bean bags for our PE lessons.  I’ve been meaning to do this for some time.  Maybe having the fabric ready and usable will help towards getting other projects using those scraps done.  I also found a few pairs that just needed the knees patched; a good thing since jeans don’t last long with all these boys.

I am wearing… Another benefit to my jean project – I found, buried in the old jeans, an old long-sleeve shirt of mine that was fine except for holes in the sleeves.  An easy fix and now I have another short-sleeve shirt, which is greatly appreciated since I’ve had to retire several others this summer.

In the schoolroom… I decided to try a different schedule with our history and science this year and so far it is working much better.  Instead of doing some history each day and never managing to get any science done, we are doing a block schedule of history 3 days a week and science 2 days a week.  Right now we are working on finishing our Magic School Bus science which at this rate should take us until Christmas.  Then I’ll need to figure out what to do next.


Building a ziggurat


Pretending to write in cuneiform


Watching raisins ‘dance’


learning about vortexes while studying weather

In the garden… the bean and summer squash harvests continue.  The pumpkin plant finally decided to start producing; wonder if they’ll have enough time to turn orange.  I keep thinking it feels like we’re going to end up with an early frost this year.

I am hearing… 3pm – Caleb cutting cardboard and duct tape to make his latest project (no idea what it is yet), the backhoe running at the other end of the ball field as they work to figure out what is causing the sewer to back up.

Around the house… no sewer means no doing laundry today and the dishes are piling up in the sink. Really hope they get it fixed today.  Glad we have a maintenance guy now so Scott’s not having to be out there working on it.

Plans for the week… Thursday will be our first library day of this school year,  looking forward to seeing friends from Colorado on Thursday night, and immunization appointments on Friday morning.


My little thumb-sucker.



2 Responses to Daybook

  1. mom

    Wow! Good job all around. 🙂 Not getting that cool here yet. Picked beans and tomatoes today and dug another bucket of potatoes. Snacking on gold raspberries. 🙂 Working on temp pens in the henhouse since the new coups are not even started for the new chickens.

  2. Deb

    Steve and I are so incredibly glad that we were able to help get you guys some dressers! We love all the pictures!!! great job getting so much done. 🙂 big hugs- we love you!!

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