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Posted by on September 20, 2016



Looking out my window…  a clear, cool morning.  The official temperature says we haven’t had a frost yet, but my squash plants strongly disagree.  When the days are still warm enough to need the air conditioner it’s hard to think about it getting so cold at night.

I am thankful… for a husband who is willing and able to lead our family in worship when we are home sick from church, that Thomas didn’t get this cold, and that we were feeling well enough again this week to attend (although my voice sure doesn’t sound like it).


5 months old

In the schoolroom… We finished our first 6 weeks of school!  So, now it’s time for a two week break.  Instead of the 3 weeks on/ 1 week off schedule we’ve been doing the last few years, this year I am trying a 6 week on/ 2 week off schedule.

I am thinking… about what I want to get done during our school break.  For starters I am using this 2-week break from school to start potty training Gabe.  Lord willing, he will grasp the concept quickly.  I don’t expect him to be completely trained in that time, but one can hope right?

I am looking forward to… having my voice back.  It does OK in the mornings, but by the end of the day it takes so much effort to talk and my throat feels a little raw.  I never realize how much talking and giving of directions I do with my kids until times like these.

I am reading… through Exodus in preparation for starting an online Bible study by Jen Wilkin.  This is my first time trying an online study.  Jen’s introduction to the study really hit home with a lot of the things Scott and I have talked about lately and got me excited to try this Bible study.

From the kitchen… cooking up some more chicken to debone and put in the freezer for quick meal prep.

I am creating… a bullet journal.  I’d been ignoring the articles about it that I had come across, but a friend’s post about her decision to give it a try intrigued me enough to try it myself.  It’s been two weeks and so far I’m liking it.  It’s pretty basic so far; I haven’t even used different colors of pens yet, though I’d like to do so eventually.  I’ve learned that I don’t remember things if I have to flip a page to see it.  So, no habit tracker or weekly journal on a separate page.  I found a blog that described how to do a rolling week along the side of a daily journal page and I’m really liking that idea.  Now to figure out what will work for habit tracking on the daily journal pages.


I am wearing… jeans and a coral t-shirt (the brown shirt I first put on this morning got baby spit-up on it).  I’m a bit frustrated that I’m still wearing what I call my postpartum jeans.  Usually by this time I’ve dropped a size.  Maybe it’s because I’ve actually been exercising this time.  LOL.

In the garden… harvested potatoes – not going to plant them again next year.  I’ve tried them a few years now and have only gotten a small amount each year.  They just take up too much space and effort for such a small yield to justify planting again.  Think I will replace them with more carrots and onions since they grow so well here and are also root crops (for rotation).


All I got from about 20-25 plants.

I am hearing… 10:30am – Gabe playing with toys, Kara muttering as she writes a story, Lydia talking to Thomas; 4:30pm – kids doing afternoon chores; 7:00pm – boys doing KP while girls get ready for bed.


Launching rockets on Labor Day


2 Responses to Daybook

  1. mhoepner

    Been thinking about you and praying your busy Mom busyness leaves enough time for yourself. Sounds like you have initiated some disciplines to address that.

  2. Mom

    Love reading about your activities. Miss you. Mom

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