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Posted by on November 1, 2016



Looking out my window…  a windy fall day with partly sunny skies.  I wish we got more fall colors here, but it seems the leaves just turn brown as they fall off the trees.  I do see one tree with dark red leaves across the field but it almost blends into the roof of the building it is next to.


I am thankful… For a good weekend celebrating Scott’s birthday.  For his birthday gift the kids gave him things to put in a hobbit gift of an Operation Christmas Child shoebox.

occ-boys occ-girls

One of my favorite things… pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting.  Yum!

I am creating… a newsletter.  It’s all done except for a paragraph or two for Scott to write.  So, hopefully it will be done and completed sometime this next month.

I am wearing… blue jeans and an old red shirt with apple embroidered on it that I got back when we were newlyweds.

I am hearing… pages flipping, dryer buzzing, faucet dripping, Kara humming, Lydia coughing.

I am reading… The Prince and the Pauper to the kids.  Most of the Old English dialogue is of course going right over their heads, but since they’ve just spent the last hour dressing up and playing kings and queens I think it’s having the desired effect.

From the kitchen… almost done processing this year’s harvest from the garden.  The 8th and final canner load of veggies is done.  Now I need to freeze the Hubbard and Butternut squashes.  I’m going to need Scott to chop open the Hubbards since they have very hard skin.  I put a smaller one in the microwave the other day to soften the skin so I could cut it up for making Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas (need to tweak the recipe a little) but I realized afterwards that I can’t save the seeds that way.


From the schoolroom… for now I’ve given up on the idea of having all the ‘work with Mommy’ stuff done before quiet time.  Lord willing, next school year after Thomas is weaned I’ll be able to fit it all into the morning again and have my afternoon time back for exercising and working on projects.


Kara did so well illustrating the story of Gideon; I just had to share.

From the board room… the girls decided to fill their Operation Christmas Child shoebox for an older girl this year, but the next time we do one for a younger girl I’m thinking this would be a great idea.


from my Pinterest board

I am looking forward to… going to bed.  I am SO tired.

A moment from my week:



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  1. Mom

    Kara did an excellent job of illustrating the story. Enjoy reading your blog. Thank you.

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