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Posted by on February 21, 2017


Looking out my window…  beautiful blue skies with just a little bit of wind and best of all dry ground.  They were predicting a fair amount of precipitation for us this last weekend, but we only got a small bit.

In the garden… I was able to get outside after lunch today and turn over the original compost pile and found it ready to be put on the garden beds.

One of my favorite things… dry roads.  Living in the desert I try not to complain when we get moisture, but we got more than the usual snowfall this winter and at this point I am tired of muddy roads.

I am wearing… an old pair of jeans that are almost worn through in several places and my orange sweater with the pockets on the front.

From the kitchen… the smell of Salisbury steak cooking in the crockpot and fresh bread cooling in the oven.

Around the house… Lydia came crying to me this morning because she couldn’t get the dryer to start.  A quick investigation found that the water in the clothes had not fully spun out in the washer.  Checked to see if the washer had been stopped mid-cycle, but no it had finished.  Hmm.  Started putting the clothes back into the washer to run another spin cycle and found she had stuffed two loads worth of clothes into one load.  No wonder it hadn’t been able to spin all the water out.

I am hearing… 4:30-matthew and Caleb talking through their walkie-talkies (something about monsters, bombs, and jungles), Lydia vacuuming the dining room

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