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Posted by on March 7, 2017


Looking out my window…  clear, sunny, blue skies.  The high winds of this past weekend have finally died down, the snow is virtually gone, and the temps are climbing back up again.  Definitely going to be sending the kids outside to play today which will have them thrilled.

I am thinking… my Christmas cactus is blooming and the kids were playing Christmas music.  Hmm…

I am thankful… for God’s provision.  Although Thomas has apparently done much better at nursing than most tongue/lip tie babies, the transition to a sippy cup has been difficult.  Even after he finally figured out how to latch/suck on the sippy, most of the milk would pour down his chin.  Saturday I found a sippy cup that had been given to us at the baby shower and tucked away for later.  It was a different brand than what we had been using and the spout was a different shape.  I immediately wondered if he would be able to drink better with it.  Well, I tried it on him that night and PTL it worked!  We’ve used it several times now with the same results.  Still a little bit coming out of his mouth, but more along the lines of the usual baby dribble rather than completely soaking a burp cloth.  I think the different shape of the spout forces him to get a deeper latch and that is what is making the difference.


In the garden… forecast looks like it will be a great week for getting out into the garden and starting some lettuce and spinach.  I try to rotate my garden like they say I should.  So, when I go out to the garden to prep the bed I’m planning on using for the lettuce/spinach I find a couple of the side boards knocked down (screws weren’t long enough).  All the other beds are fine; it’s only the one I needed right now that has a problem.  Guess I can wait a few more days until Scott can buy longer screws.  Plenty of other garden prep that needs to be done.

One of my favorite things… when my husband gets down on the floor with the kids.


I am wearing… jeans and an old, comfy, blue nursing top.  Lord willing, in a couple months I’ll be packing away the nursing tops again.

From the schoolroom… Caleb and Ben made a TARDIS out of a cardboard box.  It uses schoolwork for artron energy.  They had great fun doing their schoolwork in it.


I am creating… woohoo! I finally got my sewing table cleared off enough to work some more on the scrap/jean quilt I started a couple years ago.

I am hearing… 6:15 –Lydia washing dishes and talking to Scott while he carves the turkey for dinner; Kara playing with Thomas



2 Responses to Daybook

  1. Mom

    Love you 🙂

  2. Deborah C Capecci

    Love that the Tardis uses homework for energy! So creative. HUGS to my big sister 🙂

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