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Posted by on July 9, 2017


Looking out my window…  this morning’s clear skies are giving way to clouds.  The forecast seems to be saying that monsoon season is starting.  In some ways it seems like we missed summer being gone those extra two weeks because of the transmission needing to be rebuilt.

I am thinking… about packing and sorting; what to take and what to get rid of.  We REALLY want to try to pare down to the bare minimum and start fresh when we get there.  A lot of what we have was great when we only had a few little kids, but isn’t really working for our larger family that includes teens.

I am thankful… that God has given us direction and we know where he wants us to go, if not the exact timing.  Also thankful for a healthy pregnancy and that my energy (such as it is) has returned (makes packing a lot easier).

One of my favorite things… feeling those early baby kicks.

I am wearing… jeans and a faded blue t-shirt; enjoying having shorter hair in this heat.  Thinking of hair, I need to buzz cut all the boys’ hair before I pack the clippers.

I am creating… bags of trash for Matthew to take out.  It’s amazing how much junk you hold on to ‘just in case’ when you’ve lived in one place for several years.

I am reading… or rather skimming through books on my shelves trying to determine which ones I really want to keep.  A lot of good books, but which ones do I see myself making the time to re-read. The hardest part I think will be paring down the kids’ books.

I am hearing… 3:30pm – the drone of the A/C, kids chattering as they play Minecraft, music playing in the living room.

In the garden… things seem to be growing fine, if a bit slow.  I wonder if we will get to enjoy any of the produce before we leave.

I am hoping… that God will bring in the support we need quickly and we can be fully moved back to Alaska before this little one is due in November.

In the kitchen… I need to do a menu plan for the rest of the month in order to make sure we use up what’s left in the freezer.

5 Responses to Daybook

  1. Shari

    Woo hoo. Alaska! Happy for you. What’s your plans for raising more support? We’re moving to Glendale at the end of July. So I’m in the middle of packing too.

    • seedpearl

      Still working on the support raising plans. Need to update all our literature and get out a newsletter to start. Scott’s last day here is July 31, so we will probably be home-basing at my parents for awhile.

  2. Linda

    Gordon is wondering where homebasing with your parents is? Will you be back in Glenallen eventually?

    • seedpearl

      My parents are managing the family farm just outside of Lincoln, NE. We are hoping to be back in Glennallen this fall.

  3. Deb Capecci

    Exciting! Lots to do, you’ll make it though! I hope you’re at the farm for Labor day so we get to see you 🙂

    Love ya,

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