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Posted by on August 11, 2017


Looking out my window…  an overcast sky bringing a few sprinkles and promising a cooler day.  Almost feels like fall.

I am thinking… about what to pack next.  I think it’s time to start packing into the dresser drawers even if it does mean living out of suitcases.  At the point where I need to fit as much as I can into drawers before packing anymore boxes.

I am thankful… for the progress Thomas has made in the last couple weeks.  He is pushing himself into a sitting position without help, rocking on hands and knees, and even doing an army crawl instead of a sideways inch worm.  I was thinking the other day about one of the big proponents of homeschooling being that kids develop at different rates, i.e.-some kids are reading at 3 and others aren’t ready till 7.  The number of people that have told me of relatives that didn’t crawl/walk until around 18 months old has reassured and reminded me that it’s the same in other areas of development too.  Yes, it’s hard to have a late bloomer when everyone else is posting pics of their little ones hitting those big milestones; but they all develop on their own timetable that God has given them.


I am wearing… my most comfortable pair of jean capris, not that any pants are real comfortable these days.  My muscles aren’t as tight as they used to be which means I’m carrying lower with this pregnancy and things don’t fit as well anymore.

I am watching… Scott likes to unwind at night by introducing me to episodes of old shows.  Right now it’s The A-Team.  Definitely good to release the day’s tension with a few laughs.

I am hoping… we’re still optimistic that we can be packed and pulling out of here by the 24th.  We do need to sell some furniture first though – couch w/ottoman and matching glider, bookshelves, etc.

In the kitchen… the freezer is nearly empty and I got the first two kitchen boxes packed.  Having empty shelves feels strange.

In the school room… I think I’ve settled on what/how much we’re going to attempt for school this year while on the road.  There are a few things that I’m waiting to order until we’re on the road and have our temporary home base at my parents. But for now, I feel satisfied with what we’re doing. With all the chaos and transition this year I ended up introducing subjects a couple at a time instead of doing the usual ‘all at once’ first day of school.  I think it actually went much better that way, especially for Matthew.

I am hearing… 9:30am – water running as Caleb rinses breakfast dishes (he made pancakes this morning), Matthew and Kara talking about the story they are imagining up, Ben and Gabe playing cars on the table, Thomas talking to himself.

Prayer requests:  energy for this final stretch of packing and sorting, quick selling of our furniture, planning of the first phase of home service and excited friends who will share our ministry with their friends and churches.




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  1. Mom

    Praying for energy! 🙂

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