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Posted by on October 1, 2017


Looking out my window…  overcast skies, light wind, and cooler temps; actually feels fall like today.

I am thinking… it’s still 8 weeks to go until this little one’s due date and I am already feeling ‘done’.  I want to count the days already, but keep reminding myself it’s too early for that yet.  Carrying lower this time means I haven’t had as much trouble eating/breathing, but my bladder is feeling the pressure and my pelvis is aching more.

I am thankful… for grandparents to help with my kids as I get further along with this pregnancy.  Having Grandpa help keep my boys occupied and out of trouble (mostly) when my energy is running low and Grandma to hold Thomas when my lap is shrinking is such a big help.

I am wearing… an old pair of maternity yoga pants that have several holes and bleach stains, but at this point are the most comfortable pants I have.  Wish I could get another pair.

I am watching… one of the channels my parents get has Star Gate on each weeknight and these sci-fi fans are enjoying it.  The kids have been enjoying watching PBS kids’ shows most afternoons. Probably too much screen time, but it’s great incentive for getting everyone’s school work done and a special perk of being here at Grandma & Grandpa’s.  And they are getting plenty of great outside time here at the farm.

In the garden… we are enjoying all the fresh produce from the garden here.  Last night we made stuffed acorn squash for supper.  Today I was able to start picking pears which were used to make pear crisp for the potluck after church tomorrow.

In the school room… Finally got the approval for a couple of missionary discounts so I can order a couple more things for Matthew’s school work.  So thankful for those companies that offer discounts to missionaries; wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise.

I am hearing… 5:45pm – Kara & Caleb lettuce and tomatoes for dinner (having eggs’n’tortillas), Grandpa Copple watching TV in the east room, the wind chimes on the porch; 8:30pm – girls finishing up KP (they can be a bit slow because they like to watch Grandpa’s TV through the window between the kitchen sink and the east room), boys watching Scott solder Deb’s old computer to make it usable for Matthew since the screen on his was broken.

A peek at September…


Lydia’s new haircut! So far she is doing much better at managing her hair (clean & brushed) with the shorter cut. She looks cute too.


Caleb riding in the combine with Uncle Leland. Talk about a happy boy!


Thomas has added to his skill set and is now pulling up on everything. Yeah!


Ben loved giving his cousin Myron rides!


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  1. Mom

    Very good blog. 🙂

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