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Posted by on October 13, 2017



Looking out my window…  cloudy skies with some light wind.  It’s supposed to be rainy again tomorrow; not good for harvesting.  Thankfully the forecast is for dry weather all next week.

I am thinking… being in transition is hard.  1) What’s my address? I was given some pre-admission forms to fill out for giving birth next month (next month already!) and only got as far as filling out my name.  I don’t know what to put down for my address.  Our billing address is still in New Mexico, but I don’t want mail going there.  Our shipping address is care of my parents here in Nebraska, but is that the right address to put on hospital forms?  And of course we don’t have an Alaskan address yet.  2) Nesting.  Being only a month and a half from this little one’s arrival my nesting instincts are really kicking in.  However, there’s only so much you can do with limited funds while living temporarily in your parents’ basement.  I’m also trying very hard to live in the here and now and not spend my time/energy thinking ahead to what might be when we finally get to Alaska.

I am thankful… to be able to hear my baby’s heart beat yesterday and another good appointment with the midwife.

I am hearing… 11:45 – the trampoline squeaking as a child jumps on it, Thomas fussing because he’s ready for lunch; 2:00 – Mom cleaning up the kitchen after processing more pears for canning, the kids watching their What’s in the Bible episode for school today, Scott doing tech support over the phone with WIM.


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