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Posted by on November 7, 2017



Looking out my window…  we’ve had a lot of cloudy, cool days with light wind.


I am thinking… about what else I need to do/get before Elaina arrives and of course wondering when exactly she will come.  Her due date is the 22nd; my mom is praying for the 15th before she leaves to be with my sister who is also having a baby. My final appointment is on the 20th at which time we will schedule the induction.

I am thankful… for the opportunity to watch my kids learn.

One of my favorite things… watching the seasons change.  I am especially enjoying watching the harvesting here this year.

I am wearing… my old maternity yoga pants that have holes and bleach stains. At this point in the pregnancy (38 weeks) I am down to two pairs of pants that I can wear comfortably.

I am creating… finished the new diaper bag last night.  Yeah! Nice to have that done and ready.  After four years the old one was wearing through in several spots besides being too small for carrying diapers for two.  The new one is slightly bigger and I lined each of the two main compartments with a different color to help tell at a glance where Elaina or Thomas’ diapers are.



I am hoping… that it will not disturb Thomas when I am up in the night nursing Elaina.  If it does we will have to find a way to squeeze his pack’n’play into the girls’ room.

Around the house… Dad is almost finished putting up the wall to divide the big basement room into two rooms to separate the boys and girls.  It will be nice when the girls can get dressed in their own room instead of taking up the bathroom in the mornings.

I am hearing… 9:30am – kids are listening to their history lesson, Scott talking to Gabe & Grandpa Copple in the kitchen.


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  1. Deb Capecci

    I love how you are spelling Elaina’s name!

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