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Posted by on April 6, 2018


Looking out my window…  there’s some sunshine making it through the thin cloud layer and the wind has calmed down to a light breeze.  The forecast is calling for more cold, wind, and snow again over the weekend. Spring weather is like a yo-yo; up one week and down the next.

I am thinking… the recent switch to Daylight Savings Time brought to my attention once again articles about how the time change causes stress which leads to higher rates of heart attacks and other medical issues.  If the lack of sleep from a one hour time change, the equivalent of changing time zones, can cause such problems, what does that say about the sleep deprivation of new moms; especially ones who do a lot of traveling and changing time zones.

I am thankful… for an awesome church here in Nebraska.

One of my favorite things… taking walks with my kids. Now if I could just remember to take pictures next time.

I am hoping… for good news from a church that is considering supporting us.

I am learning… this morning I was reading an article by Walt Whitman about George Fox and Shakespeare to help Matthew with a history project ( It definitely stretches this sleep-deprived mommy brain, but feels good to read something beyond Dr. Seuss. Just don’t ask me to think about such things after 4pm.

In the school room… somehow, by the grace of God, we are managing to keep up with the schoolwork despite all the traveling.  It was hard not taking regular breaks every few weeks last fall like we were used to in our year-round homeschooling, but it definitely took the stress off while traveling to not worry if our schedule didn’t allow for doing school every day. We found out very quickly that trying to do schoolwork while driving does NOT work for our family (too many experiencing motion sickness as a result).

I am hearing… 12:20 – Elaina talking as she chews on her toy while rolling on the floor, dishes clattering and water running in the kitchen as various people get their lunches.

Prayer request:  Over the last several months Lydia’s spine has decided to curve sideways instead of growing straight and she has developed a serious case of scoliosis.

Moment from my day/week/month…

Scott’s project these last few weeks has been to replace the transmission in the suburban. He enjoyed having a proper shop and tools for the job.

A little boys dream… Caleb exploring all the different parts on the shelves in the Quonset.

This little girl is growing sooo fast! Here she is enjoying sitting in the saucer in the church nursery. I wonder if we could find our saucer in the trailer or if it’s buried to deep.

Thomas has really taken off and is walking well. His self-appointed job is to see how many different things he can get in trouble with in the shortest amount of time.





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