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Posted by on April 19, 2018


Looking out my window…  the sun is shining and it’s starting to warm back up again! Spring has been slow in coming, but we’re starting to notice a lot more tractors out and about getting the fields ready.

I am thankful… that my kids had such a good year in Awana and that all of them were able to finish their books.  They were so excited to have ‘real’ Awana with books here and keep asking me what kind of Awana they will have in Alaska.

I am hoping… my brother James has a safe, uneventful trip north and that he makes good time.  He volunteered to drive our suburban pulling the trailer with all our stuff in it up to Alaska for us. Wishing our original plans of traveling with him had worked out and hoping it won’t be too much longer before God allows us to follow him north.

In the nursery… decided to try Elaina on some solid food the other night, but she didn’t show much interest.  Thomas on the other hand, as soon as he saw me get out the baby cereal, started begging for some.  He ate the rest of what I had made to try on Elaina and another whole bowl of it.  I decided to try giving him some oatmeal for breakfast instead of the usual cold cereal/ crackers that he only picks at; he definitely liked it. He’s finally started showing interest in using silverware; I guess this would be good practice.

I am hearing… 10:40am – Grandpa watching The Price is Right, Ben playing with Legos when he’s supposed to be doing schoolwork, Elaina coughing while in her jumper (she’s got another cold).

A moment from my week…

Ben is having a blast ‘helping’ Grandpa around the farm; especially when it involves riding on a tractor.

I made a chocolate chip cookie cake for Thomas’ birthday. It was a hit.



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