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Posted by on July 10, 2018


Looking out my window…  a cloudy, kind of muggy day after a nice rainstorm last night. I don’t mind AT ALL having a high of 97 today instead of the 108-115 that we’ve been getting this last week.

I am thankful… for God’s provision and the little or not so little things he does to encourage us… supporters who increased their monthly giving putting us at 70%, a church who gave a special gift to pay off Thomas’ ER bill, being able to buy groceries today because the guy we bought Elaina’s pack-n-play from said God laid it on his heart to refund our money, Elaina ‘sleeping in’ and not waking at 5am to eat the last couple days.

In the schoolroom… we’ve finished off the official school year; although we are still doing some schoolwork every afternoon during ‘quiet time’ to keep the older ones occupied (mostly school computer – Khan Academy and ReadTheory) I’m looking at doing a few things differently this fall just to give us a break from the norm. I read recently about the need to take a gap year not just being an end of high school thing, but sometimes needed before then.  I don’t think taking a year off from doing school would be the right thing, but maybe a gap year from doing our usual curriculum would be a benefit, especially with all the transition in our lives right now.

In the nursery… a blessing to staying in this house the last few weeks has been Thomas learning to go up and down stairs by himself. Of course Elaina is watching this intently and although she hasn’t yet figured out how to climb, it won’t be long.  At 8 months old today she’s in full on crawling mode, pulling up on everything and starting to cruise around the furniture.

I am hearing… 1:45pm – boys playing with Legos, Elaina playing in the playpen, the AC running


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