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Posted by on August 29, 2018


Looking out my window…  it’s dark now and still warm out when I went out to the car a little while ago.  Still getting up into the 90s here in AZ, but the dry heat is much to be preferred to the humidity we experienced on our trip through Texas.

I am thinking… You know how that last hour of a long trip just seems to drag?  That’s how it’s feeling as we near the end of our home service time. Scott said he had senioritis (like in high school).  LOL  I think road weary would be a mild way of saying how we feel.  Even the kids are struggling.  The hard part for me is knowing I’m going to want to crash when we finally get there, but then comes all the unpacking, trips to town for furniture and groceries, and the need to getting going on school before it gets much later into the school year.  God is gracious though and I know he’ll provide the energy needed.  And sometime in the not too distant future we will be settled in and be reestablished in the routines of our family.

I am thankful… for a husband who is willing and able to work on cars.  No major repairs this time, but we have new shocks and spring helpers on the van and trailer which should make for a better ride as we head north.

One of my favorite things… sharing some ice cream with my husband at the end of a long day.

I am wearing… jeans and a plaid turquoise blouse.

I am creating… lists – lists of clothes my kids need for winter, ideas for camping meals while traveling, where to stop along our route north, and what we will need to set up house when we get to Alaska.

I am watching… with all the traveling and visiting it’s been awhile since we watched anything but we took some time the other night to relax and watch Ready Player One.

I am hoping… that Elaina will adjust quickly to the Alaska time zone so that she won’t be wanting to get up at 4am (7am central).

In the kitchen… I am looking for meal ideas that are quick and easy for camping.  We try to do as much camping as we can while traveling to cut down on cost. However, setting up and taking down the tent every night means less time for cooking and of course there’s limited space in the cooler for fresh ingredients. On quick trips we often do a lot of sandwiches, but the trip north will probably take us around 2 weeks so some variety would be nice. If we pack things right we’ll have access to the stove in the camper trailer.

In the nursery… Elaina is cruising rapidly around the furniture and has figured out how to crawl under and over things to get around our makeshift baby gates.  Of course it’s much easier when Thomas just moves things aside to get past and leaves it open for her to get through.

I am hearing… a blessedly quiet house.  The last few nights Elaina chose to talk/cry until late despite obvious exhaustion, but tonight she went down without a problem.


3 Responses to Daybook

  1. Dianne

    Prayers for a quick, safe journey to Alaska.

  2. Diane Guiett

    Do the kids like zucchini? There is a great au grautin recipe online that you can adapt to what ever you have on hand. Can make it in the fire I am sure.

  3. Dorothy Bowler

    A super simple dish which travels well that I served to our B&B guests is peanut butter and jelly on a (flour) tortilla wrapped around half a banana (sliced lengthwise). We called them Fireweed Roll-ups because I made them with fireweed jelly.

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