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Posted by on January 18, 2019

FOR TODAY – Happy New Year!

Looking out my window…  the bright sunshine pouring in the windows feels so good; as do the warmer temperatures getting above 0oF during the day.

I am thankful… for warm winter gear for everyone so that we could survive our outing at -20 o F to see the start of the Copper Basin 300 sled dog race last weekend.  I do think we could benefit from some of those pocket hand warmers.  So thankful Scott had some to use while standing out there overseeing the technical stuff for broadcasting the start and finish of the race.

I am wearing… a cozy, warm turquoise and blue chenille sweater.

I am hoping… we can fit in haircuts for the boys this weekend.  Their shaggy heads are long past due for a trim.

I just finished reading… Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey. The last time I read this I was in high school.

I am hearing… 12:30 – the furnace running (really need to get the pellet stove fixed. I don’t want to think about the fuel bill for having only the furnace running during this latest cold spell), Thomas fussing about having to go downstairs to play, the swish of the broom as Lydia sweeps the floor;

In the schoolroom… Matthew started his shop class (small engines) at the high school yesterday.  Judging by the eager way he imparts every detail of class to me when he gets home, I think it’s safe to say he is thoroughly enjoying it.

His first day of class outside homeschool so I had to get a pic of him heading off to class.

In the kitchen… I’m rearranging my menu plan to reflect what ingredients I have on hand.

I am looking forward to… someday having a couch/chair upstairs where I can curl up with my cross-stitch.

Around the house… I got another ½ a box unpacked this morning. It was a small box and the half I unpacked was rags used to fill the space, but it still counts as progress, right?

A peek at my week…

The kids enjoying being outside again after the temps warmed up.


One Response to Daybook

  1. Mom

    Glad it warmed up a bit. 🙂 We are frigid with wind chills below zero.

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