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Posted by on January 29, 2019

FOR TODAY – Happy New Year!

Looking out my window… a moose! The kids were excited this morning to see their first moose near our house.

To put this picture in perspective – Matthew is about as tall as the fence (6ft).

Can you find the moose? He’s laying down right in the middle, covered in falling snow.

I am thankful… for a good chiropractor.

In the garden… I took advantage of the unusually warm chinook weather that blew through this weekend to get out and measure the existing garden beds and the distance from them to the fence.

I am hearing… 1pm – kids chattering as they boys work on KP (kitchen patrol), little ones playing under the table, furnace running; 6pm – Kara putting clean dishes away, the timer beeping to let me know the biscuits are ready, Thomas chattering as he spins in the kitchen.

In the schoolroom… I’ve somehow managed to start fitting in reading lessons for Gabe.  He is doing quite well and both Scott and I are impressed with how quickly he is taking to it. He can’t wait ‘til he finishes our Hooked on Phonics reading book; which in our family means he can start playing Minecraft with his older siblings. (It’s so much easier/more fun when they can read the screen prompts themselves.) On another note: I’ve apparently been neglecting my kid’s cultural education. A book Caleb was reading referenced the Hokey Pokey song and none of my kids knew what it was.  LOL.

In the kitchen… (or at least food related) we placed our first Costco order with the local shipping company.  The shipping charges they require are about equal to what it would cost in food and gas for us to make the trip ourselves and even though we’ll still need to make a trip to town in a couple weeks for medical reasons, the time and stress saved in not having all that shopping to do myself makes it well worth it.

I am looking forward to… having all this testing for Lydia done. So far we’ve finished the speech and cognitive testing. Next month will be the evaluations by the physical and occupational therapists.  She also will be having an evaluation on her scoliosis by an orthopedic doctor. Lord willing, after all that we’ll be able to start putting a plan in place for helping her.  I’m thankful God has brought us to a place where we can get her some help.

Around the house… Scott was able to get the pellet stove working again.  Here’s hoping it keeps working!

Scott and Matthew enjoying a game of Galactic Empires.


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  1. Mom

    Yes, PTL for help for Lydia.

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