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Posted by on February 10, 2019


Looking out my window… the curtains are closed against the dark of the night. We are definitely noticing the lengthening of the days and appreciating those extra minutes of sunlight each day.

I am thankful… for doctors and the ability to learn so much about our health by studying our blood.  I’ve been dealing with some periodic, but increasing health issues for several months.  This past week I was finally able to get in for a physical to see if we could try to figure things out.  Turns out my potassium levels were dangerously low. So, I’m taking prescription potassium pills and adjusting my diet to include more high potassium foods. Lord willing, when we check my levels again in a month things will be better. The question of course is why they were so low…

I am hearing… quiet as the house settles down for the night.

In the schoolroom… the kids were able to attend a class at our homeschool group this week to learn about the life cycle of salmon. They played an interesting game where the kids were given different scents and had to smell their way to the river they were born it (a parent holding a jar with matching scent). Later this month they will get to dissect a salmon. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures then.

Building a balance scale

In the kitchen… with Kara’s help I was able to make up enough Salisbury steak patties to put in the freezer for 3 future meals plus tonight’s dinner. I also made bread for the 2nd time this week; we go through it so fast.

I am looking forward to… hearing what the orthopedic doctor says about Lydia’s scoliosis this week.  Our local chiropractor believes she will need a brace as well as some physical therapy.  God worked things out so that her PT evaluation for the special services at the school will be just after we get back from town.

Around the house… Matthew is glad we received the second shelf for the kids school books today, so he was finally able to unpack his travel school box. I’m glad to have a place to put all our science books for this year instead of keeping them in the box they came in.

Ben and Gabe had so much fun helping me put together the shelving. Ben actually did most of the screwing.

A peek at my week…

Where’s Thomas?


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