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Posted by on March 19, 2019


Looking out my window… cloudy skies, wind, and rain. Spring seems to be coming early this year; today’s high is supposed to be near 50.

I am thankful… that we were able to get the middle boys out on the ice to practice their skating a couple times last week. Caleb especially made great improvements in his skating and it was fun to see it ‘click’ with him. With this warm weather everything is really starting to melt and I doubt we will get any more ice time this year.

I am hearing… 8:45am – Elaina making noises as she finishes her breakfast, Scott and the older kids discussing yesterday’s sermon for their Bible lesson, the washing machine running; 4:45pm – dinner simmering on the stove, kids yelling as they race around the house, the firing of a nerf gun, the hum of the refrigerator.

In the schoolroom… we have finally reached the report writing lesson in IEW. I’m excited about this because it will carry over into a lot of our other subjects. Matthew is already putting what he’s learned into practice with a report for his health class.

In the kitchen… this weekend I made several packages of tortillas to put in the freezer. I was reading about freezing them raw so that they will be ‘fresh baked’ when you use them.  So, I’m trying that method and hoping for the best.

I kept seeing posts about people growing celery or onions from the ends of bunches and decided I needed to try it for myself.

I am looking forward to… being able to let the little ones play outside without all the effort at putting them into their winter gear.

Around the house… I finally got a chore schedule for this house/year worked out and we have begun implementing it.  So far it is working well and I’m glad to know that certain areas of the house are getting cleaned on a regular basis.

Still working on the shoe/boot rack, but Scott got the coat rack/hooks up this last week.

A peek at my week…

Lydia helped me shred old egg carton flats for composting.

Thomas has started to show an interest in coloring.

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  1. Mom

    Love reading about your day. 🙂 thanks for posting. Miss you.

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