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Posted by on May 7, 2019


Looking out my window… the wind is back again; though I don’t mind so much as it will help to dry things out a bit after the rain of the last couple days.  Grateful for that rain; I can see the lawn beginning to turn green now.

I am thankful… to have the boot/shoe organizer finished. Scott did a great job and I love not having a huge pile of shoes next to the front door.

I am hearing… 8:45am-little ones crying over some perceived injustice, another child ‘playing’ piano, older ones making up another imaginative story world; 5:45pm-Ben playing checkers with Uncle James, Gabe and Lydia playing with the dog, Scott driving up to the house.

In the schoolroom… Caleb won 2nd place at the first ever Upstream Learning science fair. Lydia has started her sped therapy class, so we have a list of PT, OT, and speech exercises to work on each day.

In the kitchen… made my first all-sourdough/no yeast loaves here in Alaska this past week.  I’d been doing a sourdough/yeast combination recipe to use up old yeast and give the sourdough time to get fully established.

In the garden… I am working to recover some overgrown, weed bound garden beds to make them usable again. I wish I had gotten them done and had the carrots planted before all the wonderful rain came.

I am looking forward to enjoying… my brother visiting for a couple days.

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