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Posted by on June 7, 2019


Looking out my window… beautiful sunshine! All the rain this last week has been much loved by my garden and lawn, but isn’t as conducive for getting everyone outside.

We’ve been working on cleaning up the yard these last couple weeks.

Bubbles are so fun!

I am thankful… for God’s provision of a second fridge. It’s much cheaper to buy milk when we’re in Town, but we can only fit a couple gallons at a time in the kitchen fridge. We’d been just keeping the rest in a cooler in the garage, but now that the weather is warmer that isn’t working well. I look forward to the extra fridge space when harvest season comes.

One of my favorite things… time spent talking with a friend.

I am creating… a plan for the next school year. I want to have more breaks this next year and not feel like we have to keep pushing forward no matter what.  That means only taking a short break between years.  So, Lord willing, I am trying to have things planned out and curriculum ordered before the end of this school year.

I am reading… almost finished with The Friendly Persuasion; another of the literature books for Matthew’s school work.

I am watching… Scott and I are beginning another pass through the Farscape series.

I am hearing… 12pm – kids chattering about playing Starbound (computer game) and the clinking of silverware.

I am hoping… to get a few naps in this week.  A trip to town and a busy weekend has left me feeling drained.

In the schoolroom… this week marked the end of our 3rd quarter in this school year. (Our moving schedule last fall meant that we were just starting our school year when everyone else was finishing their first quarter.) We took a much needed break and went to Town for shopping while Matthew took his first Horsemanship classes at Victory Bible Camp.

Field trip to the Wrangell-St. Elias Visitor Center as part of our Alaska Studies.

In the kitchen… I bought some Tupperware popsicle holders off Ebay just like the ones we used when I was growing up.  So far we’ve made the standard koolaid ones and are experimenting with some koolaid sherbet ones.

In the garden… I was beginning to despair of ever finishing prepping the garden beds for use, but I finally finished separating the dirt from the matted weed roots. It made me think of the pioneers on the prairies busting sod. Thankfully only two of the beds were that bad and I was able to get most of the garden planted before this lovely rain came. Plus! My carrots sprouted. I’m so excited that the seed was still viable.  The initial weeding is done and now to thin them.

A moment from my month…


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  1. Mom

    Wonderful, wonderful. 😊 miss you.

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