Looking out my window…  we’ve had a lot of cloudy, cool days with light wind.


I am thinking… about what else I need to do/get before Elaina arrives and of course wondering when exactly she will come.  Her due date is the 22nd; my mom is praying for the 15th before she leaves to be with my sister who is also having a baby. My final appointment is on the 20th at which time we will schedule the induction.

I am thankful… for the opportunity to watch my kids learn.

One of my favorite things… watching the seasons change.  I am especially enjoying watching the harvesting here this year.

I am wearing… my old maternity yoga pants that have holes and bleach stains. At this point in the pregnancy (38 weeks) I am down to two pairs of pants that I can wear comfortably.

I am creating… finished the new diaper bag last night.  Yeah! Nice to have that done and ready.  After four years the old one was wearing through in several spots besides being too small for carrying diapers for two.  The new one is slightly bigger and I lined each of the two main compartments with a different color to help tell at a glance where Elaina or Thomas’ diapers are.



I am hoping… that it will not disturb Thomas when I am up in the night nursing Elaina.  If it does we will have to find a way to squeeze his pack’n’play into the girls’ room.

Around the house… Dad is almost finished putting up the wall to divide the big basement room into two rooms to separate the boys and girls.  It will be nice when the girls can get dressed in their own room instead of taking up the bathroom in the mornings.

I am hearing… 9:30am – kids are listening to their history lesson, Scott talking to Gabe & Grandpa Copple in the kitchen.


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Lydia’s Birthday


13 years old!


Reading the cards her siblings made for her.


Red knit socks from Grandma and a charm bracelet from Mommy & Daddy.

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Looking out my window…  cloudy skies with some light wind.  It’s supposed to be rainy again tomorrow; not good for harvesting.  Thankfully the forecast is for dry weather all next week.

I am thinking… being in transition is hard.  1) What’s my address? I was given some pre-admission forms to fill out for giving birth next month (next month already!) and only got as far as filling out my name.  I don’t know what to put down for my address.  Our billing address is still in New Mexico, but I don’t want mail going there.  Our shipping address is care of my parents here in Nebraska, but is that the right address to put on hospital forms?  And of course we don’t have an Alaskan address yet.  2) Nesting.  Being only a month and a half from this little one’s arrival my nesting instincts are really kicking in.  However, there’s only so much you can do with limited funds while living temporarily in your parents’ basement.  I’m also trying very hard to live in the here and now and not spend my time/energy thinking ahead to what might be when we finally get to Alaska.

I am thankful… to be able to hear my baby’s heart beat yesterday and another good appointment with the midwife.

I am hearing… 11:45 – the trampoline squeaking as a child jumps on it, Thomas fussing because he’s ready for lunch; 2:00 – Mom cleaning up the kitchen after processing more pears for canning, the kids watching their What’s in the Bible episode for school today, Scott doing tech support over the phone with WIM.


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Looking out my window…  overcast skies, light wind, and cooler temps; actually feels fall like today.

I am thinking… it’s still 8 weeks to go until this little one’s due date and I am already feeling ‘done’.  I want to count the days already, but keep reminding myself it’s too early for that yet.  Carrying lower this time means I haven’t had as much trouble eating/breathing, but my bladder is feeling the pressure and my pelvis is aching more.

I am thankful… for grandparents to help with my kids as I get further along with this pregnancy.  Having Grandpa help keep my boys occupied and out of trouble (mostly) when my energy is running low and Grandma to hold Thomas when my lap is shrinking is such a big help.

I am wearing… an old pair of maternity yoga pants that have several holes and bleach stains, but at this point are the most comfortable pants I have.  Wish I could get another pair.

I am watching… one of the channels my parents get has Star Gate on each weeknight and these sci-fi fans are enjoying it.  The kids have been enjoying watching PBS kids’ shows most afternoons. Probably too much screen time, but it’s great incentive for getting everyone’s school work done and a special perk of being here at Grandma & Grandpa’s.  And they are getting plenty of great outside time here at the farm.

In the garden… we are enjoying all the fresh produce from the garden here.  Last night we made stuffed acorn squash for supper.  Today I was able to start picking pears which were used to make pear crisp for the potluck after church tomorrow.

In the school room… Finally got the approval for a couple of missionary discounts so I can order a couple more things for Matthew’s school work.  So thankful for those companies that offer discounts to missionaries; wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise.

I am hearing… 5:45pm – Kara & Caleb lettuce and tomatoes for dinner (having eggs’n’tortillas), Grandpa Copple watching TV in the east room, the wind chimes on the porch; 8:30pm – girls finishing up KP (they can be a bit slow because they like to watch Grandpa’s TV through the window between the kitchen sink and the east room), boys watching Scott solder Deb’s old computer to make it usable for Matthew since the screen on his was broken.

A peek at September…


Lydia’s new haircut! So far she is doing much better at managing her hair (clean & brushed) with the shorter cut. She looks cute too.


Caleb riding in the combine with Uncle Leland. Talk about a happy boy!


Thomas has added to his skill set and is now pulling up on everything. Yeah!


Ben loved giving his cousin Myron rides!


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Looking out my window…  blue, sunny skies that promise a very warm day.

I am thinking… about finding an Ob/Gyn here.  I do NOT enjoy having to look for a new doctor, but I think I’m finally making progress in wading through the options.  At least we were able to get all the tests, rhogam, etc. out of the way before leaving New Mexico.

I am thankful… for this last week of visiting with my youngest sister whom I had not seen in 10 years.  I’m glad it worked out for us to both be here at the farm at together.  Good to finally meet her husband in person too.

I am wearing… khaki pants and a leaf print maternity shirt that is getting too small at this stage.

I am hoping… we can get our next support discovery trips arranged soon since I only have about 2 months left before I get too close to this little one’s due date to travel.

In the school room… working on establishing a routine for while we are here and figuring out what is and is not feasible for the kids to do.  Finally got the math curriculum on order.

I am hearing… 10am – the house is quiet except for Grandpa talking to a friend on the phone while watching the Price is Right because Mom & Dad just left to take Deb and Steve to the airport and Scott walked all the kids down to the creek; 7:30pm – girls doing KP (kitchen patrol) and Thomas talking while exploring (he’s crawling well now and starting to pull up on things).


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Looking out my window…  an overcast sky bringing a few sprinkles and promising a cooler day.  Almost feels like fall.

I am thinking… about what to pack next.  I think it’s time to start packing into the dresser drawers even if it does mean living out of suitcases.  At the point where I need to fit as much as I can into drawers before packing anymore boxes.

I am thankful… for the progress Thomas has made in the last couple weeks.  He is pushing himself into a sitting position without help, rocking on hands and knees, and even doing an army crawl instead of a sideways inch worm.  I was thinking the other day about one of the big proponents of homeschooling being that kids develop at different rates, i.e.-some kids are reading at 3 and others aren’t ready till 7.  The number of people that have told me of relatives that didn’t crawl/walk until around 18 months old has reassured and reminded me that it’s the same in other areas of development too.  Yes, it’s hard to have a late bloomer when everyone else is posting pics of their little ones hitting those big milestones; but they all develop on their own timetable that God has given them.


I am wearing… my most comfortable pair of jean capris, not that any pants are real comfortable these days.  My muscles aren’t as tight as they used to be which means I’m carrying lower with this pregnancy and things don’t fit as well anymore.

I am watching… Scott likes to unwind at night by introducing me to episodes of old shows.  Right now it’s The A-Team.  Definitely good to release the day’s tension with a few laughs.

I am hoping… we’re still optimistic that we can be packed and pulling out of here by the 24th.  We do need to sell some furniture first though – couch w/ottoman and matching glider, bookshelves, etc.

In the kitchen… the freezer is nearly empty and I got the first two kitchen boxes packed.  Having empty shelves feels strange.

In the school room… I think I’ve settled on what/how much we’re going to attempt for school this year while on the road.  There are a few things that I’m waiting to order until we’re on the road and have our temporary home base at my parents. But for now, I feel satisfied with what we’re doing. With all the chaos and transition this year I ended up introducing subjects a couple at a time instead of doing the usual ‘all at once’ first day of school.  I think it actually went much better that way, especially for Matthew.

I am hearing… 9:30am – water running as Caleb rinses breakfast dishes (he made pancakes this morning), Matthew and Kara talking about the story they are imagining up, Ben and Gabe playing cars on the table, Thomas talking to himself.

Prayer requests:  energy for this final stretch of packing and sorting, quick selling of our furniture, planning of the first phase of home service and excited friends who will share our ministry with their friends and churches.




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Kara’s Birthday

Kara turned 11 today.  Our last birthday in this house.  She turned 5 just after we moved in here.


Kara wanted a purple and white cake.


Ready for birthday party


Shocked speechless!


Sooo excited about having her own Steam (computer gaming) account so she can play Age of Empires with Daddy and Mommy.


New socks from Grandma

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Looking out my window…  this morning’s clear skies are giving way to clouds.  The forecast seems to be saying that monsoon season is starting.  In some ways it seems like we missed summer being gone those extra two weeks because of the transmission needing to be rebuilt.

I am thinking… about packing and sorting; what to take and what to get rid of.  We REALLY want to try to pare down to the bare minimum and start fresh when we get there.  A lot of what we have was great when we only had a few little kids, but isn’t really working for our larger family that includes teens.

I am thankful… that God has given us direction and we know where he wants us to go, if not the exact timing.  Also thankful for a healthy pregnancy and that my energy (such as it is) has returned (makes packing a lot easier).

One of my favorite things… feeling those early baby kicks.

I am wearing… jeans and a faded blue t-shirt; enjoying having shorter hair in this heat.  Thinking of hair, I need to buzz cut all the boys’ hair before I pack the clippers.

I am creating… bags of trash for Matthew to take out.  It’s amazing how much junk you hold on to ‘just in case’ when you’ve lived in one place for several years.

I am reading… or rather skimming through books on my shelves trying to determine which ones I really want to keep.  A lot of good books, but which ones do I see myself making the time to re-read. The hardest part I think will be paring down the kids’ books.

I am hearing… 3:30pm – the drone of the A/C, kids chattering as they play Minecraft, music playing in the living room.

In the garden… things seem to be growing fine, if a bit slow.  I wonder if we will get to enjoy any of the produce before we leave.

I am hoping… that God will bring in the support we need quickly and we can be fully moved back to Alaska before this little one is due in November.

In the kitchen… I need to do a menu plan for the rest of the month in order to make sure we use up what’s left in the freezer.

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Looking out my window…  clear, sunny, blue skies.  The high winds of this past weekend have finally died down, the snow is virtually gone, and the temps are climbing back up again.  Definitely going to be sending the kids outside to play today which will have them thrilled.

I am thinking… my Christmas cactus is blooming and the kids were playing Christmas music.  Hmm…

I am thankful… for God’s provision.  Although Thomas has apparently done much better at nursing than most tongue/lip tie babies, the transition to a sippy cup has been difficult.  Even after he finally figured out how to latch/suck on the sippy, most of the milk would pour down his chin.  Saturday I found a sippy cup that had been given to us at the baby shower and tucked away for later.  It was a different brand than what we had been using and the spout was a different shape.  I immediately wondered if he would be able to drink better with it.  Well, I tried it on him that night and PTL it worked!  We’ve used it several times now with the same results.  Still a little bit coming out of his mouth, but more along the lines of the usual baby dribble rather than completely soaking a burp cloth.  I think the different shape of the spout forces him to get a deeper latch and that is what is making the difference.


In the garden… forecast looks like it will be a great week for getting out into the garden and starting some lettuce and spinach.  I try to rotate my garden like they say I should.  So, when I go out to the garden to prep the bed I’m planning on using for the lettuce/spinach I find a couple of the side boards knocked down (screws weren’t long enough).  All the other beds are fine; it’s only the one I needed right now that has a problem.  Guess I can wait a few more days until Scott can buy longer screws.  Plenty of other garden prep that needs to be done.

One of my favorite things… when my husband gets down on the floor with the kids.


I am wearing… jeans and an old, comfy, blue nursing top.  Lord willing, in a couple months I’ll be packing away the nursing tops again.

From the schoolroom… Caleb and Ben made a TARDIS out of a cardboard box.  It uses schoolwork for artron energy.  They had great fun doing their schoolwork in it.


I am creating… woohoo! I finally got my sewing table cleared off enough to work some more on the scrap/jean quilt I started a couple years ago.

I am hearing… 6:15 –Lydia washing dishes and talking to Scott while he carves the turkey for dinner; Kara playing with Thomas



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Looking out my window…  beautiful blue skies with just a little bit of wind and best of all dry ground.  They were predicting a fair amount of precipitation for us this last weekend, but we only got a small bit.

In the garden… I was able to get outside after lunch today and turn over the original compost pile and found it ready to be put on the garden beds.

One of my favorite things… dry roads.  Living in the desert I try not to complain when we get moisture, but we got more than the usual snowfall this winter and at this point I am tired of muddy roads.

I am wearing… an old pair of jeans that are almost worn through in several places and my orange sweater with the pockets on the front.

From the kitchen… the smell of Salisbury steak cooking in the crockpot and fresh bread cooling in the oven.

Around the house… Lydia came crying to me this morning because she couldn’t get the dryer to start.  A quick investigation found that the water in the clothes had not fully spun out in the washer.  Checked to see if the washer had been stopped mid-cycle, but no it had finished.  Hmm.  Started putting the clothes back into the washer to run another spin cycle and found she had stuffed two loads worth of clothes into one load.  No wonder it hadn’t been able to spin all the water out.

I am hearing… 4:30-matthew and Caleb talking through their walkie-talkies (something about monsters, bombs, and jungles), Lydia vacuuming the dining room

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