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Posted by on July 20, 2012

Today was a day of firsts.  We harvested our first squash from the garden; two zucchini and two yellow squash.  It is so exciting to finally see the fruits of our labor.  Dh said they tasted the same as squash from the store they must be growing well.  To me they tasted just a little better knowing they came from our own garden.  🙂  I made a squash casserole with them using a recipe I found in my Grandma’s kitchen after the funeral.  Who knows if she ever made it herself, but it was delicious and even my ‘I don’t like squash’ girl ate it and said she liked it.

Our other first was the first box of homeschool material for this next year.  It was just the lab kit from Home Science Tools for our science curriculum (Apologia’s Exploring Creation Through Anatomy and Physiology), but it is exciting to look at and start planning.  This is the first year I will be doing science with the girls as well and I found a great blog (HS Printables by Spell Outloud) which has lots of great ideas for using this curriculum with younger students.  Lord willing we will have a lot of fun learning about how God made our bodies and how we should take care of them.

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