Looking out my window… it has been a beautiful day! Lots of warm sunshine (we got up into the upper 60s today) and a nice breeze. We’ve enjoyed spending most of the day outside.

I am thankful… that three of my older kids have found jobs for the summer.  Matthew will be working as a flagger for DOT, Lydia is going to be helping in the deli at the grocery store, and Caleb will be taking over from Matthew in cleaning the radio station.

I am thinking… about how the rhythm of our family changes as the kids get older.

One of my favorite things… warm, sunny spring days. The mosquitos aren’t bad yet and it feels sooo good to be outside after such a long winter.

I am creating … curtains for Scott’s engineering area at the radio station. Nineteen years after the station was built and they’re finally getting made. We found some fun, engineering-related fabric prints for them.

I am hearing… 5pm – the dryer running, Kara typing/clicking away at her computer, the occasional child’s voice floating in through the open windows.

In the kitchen… I tried my hand at making cheeseballs for the graduation reception.  They turned out quite well. The three kinds I tried were: garlic and onion, chocolate chip, and dill pickle.

In the garden… I planted carrots, turned the compost pile, and corralled the kids for yardwork. Since the snow fell before the leaves did last fall, I wasn’t able to rake them up for the compost then.  So today we worked on getting that done before grass and weeds hide them all.

In the school room… one graduated, seven kids to go. Whew! All except one child are done with school for the year. I’ve also made a good dent in planning and collecting curriculum for next year.

A moment from my life…

Spending the day in Valdez with cousins


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Looking out my window… I see lots of blowing snow. We’ve gotten a couple inches so far and it’s still coming down well.  I’m glad it’s not sticking to all the leaves still on the trees; they had just started falling.

I am thankful… that we took the opportunity on Saturday night to have an impromptu family cookout in the fire pit the boys worked hard to create this summer.

I am creating … pajamas for Elaina (she is growing so fast) and another shirt for Scott (now that he knows I can make his favorite guayaberra style shirt he has asked for more).

I am hearing… 1:30pm – Christmas music playing (because as soon as the kids see snow they think Christmas), the middle kids playing Mobi.

I am reading… Atlas Shrugged – another possibility for the older kids to read for school.

In the kitchen… the last of the chives I harvested is drying in the oven.

In the garden… I’m glad that I pushed hard this weekend to get everything harvested and cleaned up before the snow came.

In the school room… homeschooling is definitely an advantage on that first snow day of the year when the kids are so eager to get outside and play in the snow.

A moment from my life… when we were starting the campfire Saturday night and the temps were falling as evening came on Gabe and Ben were arguing and jostling each other. I asked Gabe what was wrong and he said that he was just trying to stay warm. I then asked him, who was only in short-sleeves, what we usually did when we wanted to be warmer. He looked at me with the saddest face and said, “Work?” LOL!



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Homeschool Horsemanship

This last week we had five of our kids participate in the Homeschool Horsemanship lessons offered by Victory Bible Camp. I am so thankful that my kids get the opportunity to take these classes though our homeschool program. I chaperoned Matthew, Lydia, Caleb, Ben, and Gabe for the 2-night/3-day class while Kara babysat the littles at home and Scott worked. This was Gabe’s first time and he was excited to have two other first time students in his class.

There was a momma moose with two calves that decided to hang out at the camp and gave the horses a good scare the first night.

They ended the camp by having some fun riding the wakeboard.

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Kara’s B-day

We celebrated a few days late because this was one of those crazy busy weeks, but this girl is now 15!

She asked for something mint (her favorite flavor). So instead of the traditional cake, we had mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches.

She tries to act like she doesn’t really care about it all, but the smiles keep sneaking through.

The shirt reads “I’m not procrastinating, I’m doing side quests.”

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Looking out my window… the sun is trying to shine through a break in the clouds on a very windy day.

I am thankful… for all the people praying for us during this time of transition at KCAM.


I am thinking… about changes and phases in life. Scott Y. and Michelle have been the guiding force at the radio station for a long time; now they are both gone.  What does God have for the future? For the last 18 ½ years our family life has revolved around babies and toddlers. This fall our oldest will be a senior in high school and our youngest will no longer be in the nursery at church.

One of my favorite things… fresh strawberries from the garden.

I am creating finished … with the quilt I started a year ago to replace the very worn one on our bed. I am very pleased with how it turned out.

I am hearing… 5 pm – the boys chattering to each other on their walkie-talkies.

I am reading… The Grapes of Wrath; another one on the list of ‘should I have the kids read this for school’.

In the kitchen… fresh bread and the fixings for nachos for supper.

In the garden… things appear to be growing well.  We’ve had a few harvests of lettuce and chives to supplement our salads. Our load of topsoil finally arrived the middle of June and I worked like crazy hauling wheelbarrow loads around the house to get the raised rows ready to plant the potatoes. Their sprouts were sooo long it was hard to plant them deep enough to still be under the dirt and a lot of them already had roots growing. They are growing well now and hopefully we’ll still get some harvest from them even though they were planted so late.


A moment from my life…

Watching the utility workers laying the fiber conduits.



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Looking out my window… the sun is breaking through the thin layer of clouds. Spring is out in full force and it’s already 50 degrees at 10am. We had less snow this year, so the puddles are drying up faster. Here’s hoping that means less mosquitos.

I am thankful… for our church’s commitment to the Awana program and my kids’ ability to be involved in that. We had a really good year and all the kids seemed to have fun and learn a lot.

I am thinking… about our school schedule for this next year.

One of my favorite things… when it is finally warm enough to be able to open the windows/back door and have all that lovely fresh air flowing through the house.

I am creating … a new bag.  I need one without a divider in the middle for the times when I need to carry larger items.

I am hearing… 10 am – Gabe talking about the math he is learning, Thomas and Elaina chattering downstairs while they play, the end of cycle sound on the washing machine;

I am reading… and studying Jen Wilkin’s God of Covenant. I really enjoy her studies and the accompanying video lessons for this one are free through June.

In the kitchen… we were down to the last of the canned veggies, so I’m working on canning some more. This is my version of meal prep; it’s so much faster to get a meal on the table when I can just open a jar rather than spend time chopping vegetables.

In the garden… we are actually making some progress this year on creating a new garden space in the back yard. My goal is to get at least a couple of new beds made this year.  Our yard is way too rocky to try any kind of in-ground gardening.


A moment from my life…



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Caleb’s Birthday

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Thomas’ Birthday

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Horsemanship Camp

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Looking out my window… waiting to see what birds come visit the pinecone bird feeders we hung up today.  (Finally got around to using the winter craft package we received from WISE.) Even the bigger kids went out to enjoy the sunny, warm (20 degrees!) day and the sun is still shining at 6pm, yay!

Our visitor last night. He came right up to the front gate and looked at us in the window as though asking to come in. The cat was absolutely terrified of that big thing outside the window.

I am thankful… for a good hockey season for the boys and that it’s over for another year.  It’s so worth it, but a lot of work.  I’m extremely thankful for awesome friends who were willing to take the boys with them to their away games so that Scott didn’t have to try to fit that into his busy schedule.

Mites vs parents end of season hockey game; Gabe is in the bright orange jersey.


I am creating … a jean skirt.  A favorite skirt of mine had worn through on the front from holding squirmy kids on my lap, so I took it apart and used it as a pattern. Here’s hoping it turns out well.

A recent project: a new dress for Lydia. She is thrilled with the style and fabric she picked out.

I am hearing… 6pm – little kids playing downstairs, the sizzle of hot oil and Scott giving Caleb tips on his cooking.

I am reading… some free kindle books while I try to decide which of the kids’ high school literature books to pre-read next.

In the kitchen… I’ve finished prepping food for tomorrow’s church potluck and now Caleb is trying his hand at making potato chips. The kids love to check out cookbooks from the library and have recently discovered that you can make fried foods at home. Scott made his delicious guacamole for supper tonight; I wish avocados didn’t upset my stomach, because it tastes sooo good.

Their first fried food experiment: rice balls.

A moment from my life…

Elaina had been licking out the brownie batter bowl and wanted to see her messy face so I used my phone camera to take a selfie of her.



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