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Posted by on May 15, 2020


Looking out my window… gorgeous sunshine that actually feels warm!  The kids have actually complained about the sunshine being ‘hot’.  ‘Yes, isn’t it great!’  Yet even after a few days of temps into the 70s there are still some stubborn snow piles hanging around.

I am thinking… about how to expand the garden, about curriculum for next year, and about what exercises I need to do to heal my diastasis recti and start getting back in shape.

I am thankful… that there aren’t (yet) very many mosquitos and the kids are enjoying spending a good part of their days outside.

The reason I don’t grow flowers – this is Thomas and Elaina’s dirt (as opposed to the garden which is Mommy’s dirt).

I am creating … a shirt from some fabric that was passed on to me.  I am excited, but nervous about how it will turn out. I don’t have a lot of experience with knits and have been researching like crazy to learn how to get the look I want and do it right.

I am hearing… 12:45pm- birds singing and kids playing outside the open window, both the washer and dryer running; 6pm – Gabe reading the latest story from his reading curriculum to Scott, the littles talking about the signs (Baby Signing Time) they are learning while Lydia sets the table for supper.

In the kitchen… my wonderful husband knows my weakness for strawberries and couldn’t resist bringing home a container of them when he went shopping.  So this morning’s breakfast was strawberry shortcake. Yum!

In the schoolroom… the kids were excited that the Covid restrictions were relaxed in time for them to attend Horsemanship Camp this last week. They had already decided to do things differently this year and have one-day camps instead of overnights, so the kids will be going again for another day later this month.

Around the house… thanks to Matthew’s help I am getting close to having the compost pile/bin moved.  When we first arrived here (in the fall) I threw together some pallets to make a compost bin in what seemed a reasonable place near the current garden beds. It wasn’t until later I discovered that part of the yard floods in the spring. This year I actually had to wade through water to get to the compost bin. So, it is being moved to another location near to where I am hoping to put in a new garden space.

A moment from my life… while outside with Elaina the sun went behind a cloud. She asked me, “Why did the light turn off?”

Exploring a ‘fort’ we found on one of our walks.




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